The Product Features

  • Detergent box with four compartments
  • ED pump dosing system
    • Adjusts the quantity of detergent based on the real load information from AS
  • Titration valve for bath sampling
  • Certus Management Information System (CMIS) to ensure traceability of the linen as per RABC*** standards, available on both Compass Pro
  • Large loading and unloading door for fast and easy operations
  • Stainless and galvanized steel in all vital parts for high degree of rust protection

Key Benefits For WB5180H

Tailored to your need
Ensures a reliable defence against the spread of germs, bacteria and dust particles. The range comes with a wide selection of options and accessories to ensure that they meet the specific needs of your business, because every laundry is different.

Trouble-free operation
Our machines are designed for minimal maintenance requirements, for easy access to vital components.

Provides optimised economy and a superior wash, load after load thanks to reduced energy, water and chemical consumption, fast and effective water extraction capacity, easy to use controls, flexible dosing of detergents, fewer parts and low-cost installation.

Specifications For WB5180H

Main Specification

Max. capacity, kg/lb 18/40
Drum volume, liter 180
Drum diameter, mm 725
Extraction, rpm 860
G-factor 300


Height, mm 1410
Width, mm 970
Depth, mm 975
Weight, net kg 397

Other Specifications

Frequency of dynamic force 143
Heat emission, % of installed power max 5