The Product Features

  • Compass Pro® microprocessor
    • Large display and one control knob for easy program selection
    • Language selection
    • Quick selection and option buttons for the most frequently used wash programs and options
    • Wash program packages optimized on Economy, Performance and Time (Available on general programs)
  • AS – Automatic Savings:
    • The machine weighs the linen and adjusts the amount of water and energy according to the load. This leads to considerable savings in case the machine is not fully loaded.
  • Extremely low water and energy consumption
  • Four compartment detergent box for manual dosing of powder or liquid detergent
  • High extraction force for efficient dewatering
  • Door with gasket, strong hinges and a door knob built for heavy duty operation
  • Stainless steel in all vital parts for high degree of rust protection
  • SuperBalance™ guarantees the correct extraction force
  • Main options
    • Automatic liquid detergent supply (optional I/O board)
    • Stainless steel front panel
    • Connection to booking- /payment- system or coin meter
    • Drain pump

Specifications For W585S

Main Specification

Max. capacity filling factor 1:9, kg/lb 9/20
Drum volume, liter 85
Drum diameter, ø mm 520
Extraction, rpm 830
G-factor 200
Standard heating alternatives electricity, kW 5.4 / 7.5
Low energy heating alternatives electricity, kW 2.0 / 3.0
Low energy heating alternatives steam x
Low energy heating alternatives non-heated x
Consumption data ”Normal 60°C”* El Steam**
Total time, min 49 45 49 45
Water consumption (cold+hot), litre 53+13 28+7 53+13 28+7
Energy consumption (motor/heating****), kWh 0.1/1.2 0.1/0.7 0.1/- 0.1/-
Steam consumption, kg 1.8 1.0
Residual moisture, % 58 66 58 66


Height, mm 1115
Width, mm 660
Depth, mm 730

Other Specifications

Heat Emission, % of installed power max 5
Max Floor at Extraction, kN 1.7 ± 2.6