C-Flex 1200

C-Flex 1200

The Product Features

  • Chest type industrial ironer with mobile chest and fixed roll, offering a constant pressure and a maximum ironing surface for the utmost ironing quality
  • Steam or thermal fluid heating
  • The unique design of the chest and roll combined with an improved thermal insulation give a thermal output close to 97%
  • Up to three chest can be mounted together for a 50m/min maximum ironing speed
  • Simple and reliable drive, possible thanks to the fixed roll technology
  • One adjustable suction fan per roll for an improved vapor suction
  • Springpress® fitting for an optimum roll and chest contact and an optimized vapor extraction
  • Main options
    • Stainless steel Springpress® fitting for an extended longevity
    • Nomex padding withstand temperatures above 180°C
    • Extra insulation of the casings for a lower energy consumption and an improved working environment
    • Vacuum feeding table for an easier use
    • Preset ironing speeds or special speed ranges to customize the ironing to the user specificities
    • Connection with feeding and folding systems

Specifications For C-Flex 1200

Main Specification

Max. water evaporation*, l/h 210-1260
Cylinder number 1-3
Cylinder diameter, mm 1200
Cylinder length, mm 3000, 3300, 3500, 4200
Ironing speed**, m/min6 -51
Heating steam consumption***, kg/h 295-1530


1230 1233 1235 1242
Width, mm 4200 4500 4700 5400
Ironing Width, mm 3000 3300 3500 4200
Length 1 Roll, mm 1985
Length 2 Roll, mm 5355
Length 3 Roll, mm 5125
Height, mm 1760

Other Specifications

Heat Emission, % of installed power max 5
Airborne Sound level, dB(A) 66