The Product Features

  • Clarus Control
    • Fully programmable with up to 194 programs for unparalleled versatility
    • Create new programs directly on Clarus Control® panel or on your PC with Laundry Program Manager, then transfer them to machines via memory card
    • Intelligent parameters save time, energy and water while delivering excellent wash and rinse results in every application
    • 8 liquid detergent signals, plus accurate detergent dosing via connection to Efficient Dosing System
    • Process monitoring via Certus Management™ Information System
  • Compass Pro®
    • Flexible and customisable
    • Up to 55 programs available of which 15 programmable
    • Large, clear display in 18 languages, plus Real-time clock
    • Process monitoring via Certus Management™ Information System
  • Unique Triangle Technology
    The best flexibility and process performance

    • Economy: optimal cost efficiency for medium-soiled garments due to low energy consumption
    • Time: the highest output volume for lightly-soiled garments due to shorter process times
    • Performance: the best cleaning results for heavily-soiled garments

Specifications For W5600X

Main Specification

Drum volume, l 600
Dry weight capacity, kg / lb 60 / 135
G-factor (X) 220
Width, mm 1173
Height, mm 1193
Depth, mm 1673
Width, in 46 3/16″
Height, in 46 15/16″
Depth, in 65 7/8″
Electric / Steam / Non-heated x / x / x