Hygienic Laundry Systems Management for Healthcare Institutions

Covid19, viruses, bacteria, germs, parasites, fungi, protozoa, spores, and other forms of organisms are of great threat as hospital linens can always be a medium for hospital-acquired infection. The spread is susceptible to patients and medical practitioners in various means and the situation is very prevalent in this time and age. It is paramount that healthcare institutions accord the same respect for linen processing as they have with sterile supplies. A hygienic laundry cycle management ought to be in place to ensure that the sanitation of the linen does not compromise patients’ safety during their stay at medical facilities. Read more

 Healthcare Laundry Cycle Management “from bed to bed” Concept: 8 – Step Approach

The laundry process starts with the collection of dirty linen from the patients’ beds. It is important to adopt the correct procedures when collecting dirty linen to minimise the risk of infection to both staff and patients.
For this purpose, we developed a comprehensive concept, comprising 8 steps, that must be seen from the contaminated bed through the laundry and back to the decontaminated clean bed. 
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 Electrolux Professional gets worldwide milestone certification in Laundry Hygiene

The HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point – procedure is a way of assessing the inherent risks attributable to a product or a process and to determine the necessary steps to control the identified risks. Read more

Electrolux Solutions – Made for Excellence

Electrolux Professional laundry solutions are made for state-of-the-art performance – from products to solutions.
They are characterised by a high degree of Excellence with features and benefits that help our customers to make their business more profitable.
Our solutions are the result of intensive dialogue with our customers and the incorporation of these ideas in our research and development processes. Read more

SEGMENTATION: Where we are going?

The laundry market size is growing in all market segments and the need to further develop equipment to fuel the efficiency and cost effectiveness of each and every industry will be gained thru strategic focus on specific concept development that will enhance the performance, productivity and profitability of each segment. Exceptional comprehension thru distinctive research and development of laundry knowledge vis-à-vis the market concept (from washers, dryers, ironers, finishing equipment, auxiliary units, chemicals, facility design and installation, ergonomics, personnel, consumables, etc.) that will adhere to such segment standards will therefore be the key driver for the demand and fuel the growth advancement based on technological adoption. Read more

Excellent Range of Equipment that meets your needs. 

Boasting intelligent features and unique extras, our excellent solutions offer the utmost in quality combined with the lowest utility costs for laundries of all sizes. By anticipating our customers’ needs, we strive for Excellence with our people, innovations, solutions, and services. Thus, making our customers’ work and life easier and more profitable. Washer Extractor Control ensures the best utility cost optimization and customising. Tumble Dryer Control ensures the best flexibility and usability. Ironer Control ensures the best results thanks to process enhancement. Read more

How to identify your cleaning related risk level. 

Laundry cleaning can be a particularly important process in businesses. We can identify 3 dimensions for cleaning-related risks: low, medium/high, and specific. The situation is much more serious when the risk impacts people, so compliant cleaning is even more important. Adopting the right technology can largely reduce risks connected to cleaning failures, but the most important thing is a clear vision of laundry. When the risks pose a hazard to people’s lives, such as when contamination is involved, the decision surrounding the right technology must be taken considering all the issues at stake. Read more