Electrolux Segmentation

SEGMENTATION: Where we are going?

The laundry market size is growing in all market segments and the need to further develop equipment to fuel the efficiency and cost effectiveness of each and every industry will be gained thru strategic focus on specific concept development that will enhance the performance, productivity and profitability of each segment. Exceptional comprehension thru distinctive research and development of laundry knowledge vis-à-vis the market concept (from washers, dryers, ironers, finishing equipment, auxiliary units, chemicals, facility design and installation, ergonomics, personnel, consumables, etc.) that will adhere to such segment standards will therefore be the key driver for the demand and fuel the growth advancement based on technological adoption.

Why segmentation?

  • To reflect real market conditions, differentiated by segment needs.
  • To identify customer specific needs within the segment.
  • Increased focus offering solutions adapted to the specific segment.
  • Better understanding of what drives customer decisions.
  • By focusing on segment specific solutions, we add value to the customer.

Being excellent is our attitude to keep the brand promise and to strive for being best-in-class. In this case we are showing our ‘good will’ to improve continuously. Learn more about Electrolux Professional Excellence: click https://elsphilippines.com/?p=2122

Segments in Laundry Systems:

  • Horeca: Hotels (Hospitality), Restaurants, Catering
  • Special OPLs: Marine/Ships/Cruise/Cargo, Sport & Leisure, Fitness Centers, Salons, Arenas & Sports Clubs, Public Services, Fire Stations, Garment Industry, Manufacturing, Cleanroom (Chemical/Pharmaceutical Plants), Power Plants, Food Industry + Textile, Religious Organizations, Seminar Houses
  • Care: Healthcare Institutions, Hospitals & Clinics, Medical Centers, Laboratories, Home for the Aged Care Centers, Retirement and Nursing Homes
  • Facility Management: Building Service Company, Laundry School and Training Centres, Laundry Certification Facilities, Mop and Cloth Rentals
  • Commercial and Industrial B2B: Commercial Laundries, Prisons, Sheltered Workshops, Laundry and Drycleaning Factories, Pure Laundry Factories, Industrial (Conventional or Tunnel) Laundries, Central Laundries, Linen Rental Companies, Fashion Couturier
  • B2C: Laundry Shops (chained and privately owned), Laundry and Drycleaning Shops (chained and privately owned), Lagoon Laundry Shops
  • Multi Housing: AHL, Condominiums, Apartments, Town Houses
  • Coin-Op: Coin-Ops, Laundrettes, Camping / Marinas

ELS Philippines have been a trusted partner of Electrolux Professional for almost 35 years and have been trained to provide recommended measures and professional advices based on extensive worldwide laundry experience of Electrolux since 1902. 

Electrolux Professional laundry equipment delivers outstanding solutions perfectly match any needs, including the areas of reliability, cost efficiency and sustainability. The products are the best in terms of quality – durability with low running costs. Some installations have been running for more than 40 years!

  • All Electrolux factories are ISO 14001-certified.
  • All Electrolux Professional products are designed for low water, energy and detergent consumption, and for low emissions into the environment.
  • All Electrolux Professional products are ROHS-compliant and over 95 % recyclable.
  • All units are quality tested, piece by piece, and all of the functions are individually checked by expert technicians.
  • In the last five years, more than 70 % of Electrolux Professional solutions have been updated with features that are always designed with the needs of customers.
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