Bed to Bed Concept

The laundry process starts with the collection of dirty linen from the patients’ beds. It is important to adopt the correct procedures when collecting dirty linen to minimise the risk of infection to both staff and patients.

For this purpose, we developed a comprehensive concept, comprising 8 steps, that must be seen from the contaminated bed through the laundry and back to the decontaminated clean bed.

  1. Picking up, pre-sorting, and bagging of dirty linen at source.
  2. Consolidating bagged dirty linen at ward level. Transporting dirty linen to the onsite laundry.
  3. Sorting dirty linen in the laundry.
  4. Washing dirty linen in the laundry.
  5. Drying and finishing clean linen.
  6. Packaging clean linen.
  7. Transporting clean linen back to ward.
  8. Storing clean linen at ward level.

You Do Not See the Enemy: Covid19, viruses, bacteria, germs, parasites, fungi, protozoa, spores, and other forms of organisms.

ELS Philippines have been a trusted partner of Electrolux Professional for over 30 years and have been trained to provide recommended measures and professional advices based on European Guidelines. 

Appropriate processes are adopted to specify correct guidelines and procedures set forth for the healthcare institution. We can extend information on proper protective clothing, risk reminders to prevent contamination, color coded bags, trolleys, transport containers and cabinets, procedural time allowance required, “at risk” laundry identification, good practices that will not generate aero-biocontamination, regular disinfection protocols, ergonomic design on areas that requires positive air pressure, microporous packaging and wrapping systems, correct materials specifications that reduce the growth of micro-organisms, information on proper decontamination of the washed linens and protection  of the service life of the fibre textile, adaptive detergent dosing, various wash programmes on different soiling levels, adherence to correct thermal disinfections, just in time production with strict flow per textile family, First-In First-Out (FIFO) and re-washing requirements and details that require regular hygiene quality monitoring for corrective actions.

Excellence – Only the highest level of hygiene for your healthcare laundry. If you

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  • All Electrolux factories are ISO 14001-certified.
  • All Electrolux Professional products are designed for low water, energy and detergent consumption, and low emissions into the environment.
  • All Electrolux Professional products are ROHS-compliant and over 95 % recyclable.
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