Electrolux Excellence

Electrolux Solutions – Made for Excellence

  • Electrolux Professional laundry solutions are made for state-of-the-art performance – from products to solutions.
  • They are characterised by a high degree of Excellence with features and benefits that help our customers to make their business more profitable.
  • Our solutions are the result of intensive dialogue with our customers and the incorporation of these ideas in our research and development processes.

The Circle of Excellence

Being excellent is our attitude to keep the brand promise and to strive for being best-in-class. In this case we are showing our ‘good will’ to improve continuously.

  • Striving for Electrolux Excellence: based on our core values and our brand promise: Thinking of you.
  • Excellence in People: means that we are specialists and highly qualified experts in all areas of the business.
  • Excellence in Innovations: describes the way from customer insight to customer inside thus making customers’ work and life easier and more profitable.
  • Excellence in Solutions: proofs performance leadership and best-in-class solutions for every customer segment.
  • Excellence in Services: Shows that we have the most extensive service network of skilled, authorised partners worldwide.

Road Map to Excellence

Our core values create the journey

  • To offer more than machines.
  • Intelligent features to help our customers.
  • To move from customer insight to customer inside we are focused on our core values.

The Power of Our Core Values

  • We have the know-how, intelligence, inventiveness, and brainpower to think up ingenious innovations.
  • Our obsession with customer needs allows us to connect with our markets on an emotional level.
  • We share in a genuine drive to make things happen bring about change and achieve results.
Excellence is Visible, Tangible, and Measurable – Electrolux Professional Washers
AS – Automatic Saving System, reduce water consumption and energy costs. Determines the weight of load and adds the exact amount of water
IS – Integrated Saving System, load weight helps to ensure correct dosing of water. Eliminates time and effort of weighing each load on scales, ensures correct loading of machine.
DB – Dynamic Balancing System, controls the imbalances in the drum. Eliminates vibration, improves dewatering and significant noise reduction.
CMIS – Certus Management Information System, provides vital information about washers, dryers and ironers. All in order to minimize costs and maximize uptime of the equipment (statistics: running hours, idle time, consumption figures)
Excellence is Visible, Tangible and Measurable – Electrolux Professional Dryers
RD – Reversing Drum Action, alternating drum rotation prevents tangling and reduces creasing of large linens – less labour time for folding and finishing.
RM – Residual Moisture Control, special lifter and sensor system that makes possible to program the cycle to stop at pre-set moisture levels – time, energy and money savings.
DS – Drum Speed Control, controls the mechanical action when there are delicate garments. Controls free fall of garments in air-flow.
Excellence is Visible, Tangible and Measurable – Electrolux Professional Ironers
DU – Dubixium – multi layer cylinder, comfort of steam without steam. To distribute evenly the heat avoiding the overheating of the sides.
IM – Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture Management System, automatically regulates the ironing speed according to the actual moisture retention of the linen- never wet nor burnt.
SFC – Super Flexible Chest, unique fixed cylinder and floating chest concept – maximum output and reduced energy consumption.
Service Excellence

  • Qualified global service network
  • Training
  • Installation
  • Factory support
  • Spare parts support
  • On-line documentation
  • On-line support tools

ELS Philippines have been a trusted partner of Electrolux Professional for almost 35 years and have been trained to provide recommended measures and professional advices based on extensive worldwide laundry experience of Electrolux since 1902. 

Electrolux Professional laundry equipment delivers outstanding solutions perfectly match any needs, including the areas of reliability, cost efficiency and sustainability. The products are the best in terms of quality – durability with low running costs. Some installations have been running for more than 40 years!

  • All Electrolux factories are ISO 14001-certified.
  • All Electrolux Professional products are designed for low water, energy, and detergent consumption, and for low emissions into the environment.
  • All Electrolux Professional products are ROHS-compliant and over 95 % recyclable.
  • All units are quality tested, piece by piece, and all the functions are individually checked by expert technicians.
  • In the last five years, more than 70 % of Electrolux Professional solutions have been updated with features that are always designed with the needs of customers.