The product features

Two compartment inner drum separated by a Pullman partition for the best ergonomics and mechanical action of the market

Automatic inner drum positioning in loading or unloading position

Automatic locking and unlocking of outer drum doors

Largest doors of the market

Unloading by gravity, the easiest and fastest of the market

Intuitive programming control panel
– 8 colour industrial touch screen
– Smart card reader & writer
– Electrolux unfolding menus
– Choice of 14 languages

Pneumatic suspensions for minimum vibrations

Frequency control motor and Poly V belt for precise, consistent and silent rotation speeds

5 compartment soap box for manual supply or connection to automatic liquid system

Main options
• IS – Integrated Saving
• Integrated pH meter for a better performing traceability
• Automatic opening ofinner drum doors at the end of the
washing cycle
• Titration valve for bath sampling
• End of cycle sound and visual alarm
• Stainless steel cover panels
• Third water inlet
• Second drain valve forwater recycling

Specifications for WP4900H

Main specification

Drum volume, l 890
Dry weight capacity, kg / lb 110 / 242
Extraction, rpm 720
G-factor 300
Width, mm 1726
Height, mm 1363
Depth, mm 2040
Width, in 67 15/16
Height, in 53 11/16
Depth, in 80 5/16
Electric / Steam / Gas / Thermal Oil x / x / – / x
Water consumption (cold) litre El* / Gas 1190 / –