The Product Features

  • Heat Pump tumble dryer with extremely low energy consumption
  • No exhaust ducting needed: installation suitable anywhere at minimal cost
  • Residual Moisture Control (RM) for an accurate drying result and low energy consumption
  • Heat Pump Unit box which can easily be extracted from the machine for fast and convenient access to vital parts
  • Large Door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Can operate in high ambient temperatures thanks to unique water cooling system
  • Reversible door hanging for a convenient laundry flow
  • Reversing drum for less tangling of large items
  • Silent operation
  • High productivity dryer with a very small footprint
  • User-friendly ECL Easy Clean System for lint screen and filters: less maintenance and constant high performance
  • Unique, ergonomic horizontal filter solution
  • Minimal heating of the room – no ventilation needed
  • Compass Pro® microprocessor
    • Large and clear display for easy program selection
    • 6 quick selection buttons for programs and options
    • User friendly interface with up to 18 languages selection
    • USB connection for easy service access

Key Benefits For T5190LE

Ultimate durability
We build extra robust Dryers that last lost. Designed for 30,000 cycles, the machine ensures the same drying effectiveness independent of room temperature thanks to the unique water cooling system.

Enhanced “Green” economy
Lowering operational costs can be done without compromising quality. The unique Heat Pump Technology decreases energy consumption by more than a half compared to equivalent machines on the market.

Maximum flexibility
The Easy Clean System with unique horizontal 3 filter solution, exclusively by Electrolux Professional, keeps the machine clean and minimises maintenance. The design is simple and easy to clean making it the easiest one to use.

Specifications For T5190LE

Main specification

Consumption data*

Rated capacity, filling factor 1:22 kg/lb 8.6/19.2
Drum volume, litre 190
Drum diameter, mm 680
Rated input, kW 2.3
Consumption Data
Drying time**, min 51
Energy consumption***, kWh 1.64
Evaporation, g/min 85
Energy/water evaporation, kWh/l 0.38
Energy/load of linen, kWh/kg 0.19
Water consumption****, litre 0-8


Height, mm 1685
Width, mm 722
Depth, mm 777

Other specifications

Sound pressure, level 68
Heat emission % of installed power 15