The Product Features

  • PD9C is a large capacity tumble dryer for professional users
  • With Compass Pro program control
    • A control knob for simple program selection an start
    • Large and clear display
    • Time and temperature selection for flexible use
  • Anti-crease cycle for avoiding creasing if the dryer is not unloaded
  • Low energy consumption for optimal efficiency
  • Reversable door hanging for a convenient laundry flow
  • Large door opening for easy loading/unloading
  • White painted cabinette
  • The coin version with Ecopower to avoid over drying of the garments and get a lower energy consumption

Specifications For PD9C

Main Specification

Capacity, max kg/lb 10.6/23.4
Heating, electric kW 6/8
Consumption data* 6kW 8kW
Total time full load, min 47 37
 Energy consumption full load, kWh  4.6  4.6
 Evaporation, g/min  106  135
 Energy kWh/litre water evaporated, kWh  0.92  0.92


Height, mm 1114
Width, mm 721
(a) Depth, mm 759
(b) Depth, mm 684

Other Specifications

Sound pressure, level 68
Heat emission, % of installed power max 15