The Product Features

  • Contamination control tumble dryer
  • High productivity
  • Constant airflow over time for a process always under control
  • Electropolished drum
  • Side access for lint chamber cleaning
  • Easy access to HEPA filter housing for quick replacement
  • Stainless steel drum, outer drum, front and sides
  • Reversing drum
  • Large door opening for easy loading/unloading
  • Static prevention system
  • Fully automatic pneumatic damper in the outlet to avoid contamination
  • Compass Control
    • Selection of temperature and time for easy operation
    • Indication on HEPA filter lifetime
    • Batch number key in

Specifications For T41200CR

Main Specification

Rated capacity, filling factor 1:30 kg/lb 40/90
Rated capacity, filling factor 1:20 kg/lb 60/135
Drum volume, litre 1200
Drum diameter, mm 1240
Heating Alternatives
Steam, kW 72
El, kW 60
Consumption data* Steam El
Total time, min 23 20
Energy consumption, kWh 24.9 23.2
Evaporation, g/min 696 844
Energy kWh/litre water evaporated, kWh/l 1.55 1.38


Height, mm 2690
Width, mm 1290
Depth, mm 2305

Other Specifications

Sound pressure, level <70
Heat emission, % of installed power max 15