The Product Features

  • High productivity – 2 full loads per hour
  • Selection of temperature and time for easy operation
  • Large door opening for easy loading/unloading
  • Large self cleaning lint screen for easy maintenance
  • Easy access to vital parts from the top and rear for simple servicing
  • Selecta microprocessor control
  • Reversing Drum
  • Emergency Stop
  • Supply Disconnector
  • Gas reset from front (gas version)

Key Benefits

Tailored to your needs
The range comes with a wide selection of option and accessories including customized user panels to meet the specific needs of your business.

Designed specifically to ensure safe and simple operation.

We provide optimised economy and high productivity. You can dry 2 loads of pure cotton fabric with 50 percent moisture content every hour. You can optimise your economy by using the Residual Moisture Controlâ„¢ (RMC) that measures the actual moisture control.

Trouble-free operation
Our machines are designed for minimal maintenance requirements and are easy to service.


Main Specification

Rated capacity, filling factor 1:20 kg/lb 60/132
Rated capacity, filling factor 1:25 kg/lb 48/105
Drum volume, litre 1200
Drum diameter, mm 1240
Heating Alternatives
Gas, BTU/h (kW) 279 865 (82)
Steam at 700 kPa kW 82
El, kW 60/72
Consumption data* Gas Steam El 60 kW* El 72 kW**
Total time at 45/60 kg, min 27 34 35 26
Energy consumption at 45/60 kg, kWh 35.6 49 34.8 30.8
Evaporation, g/min 1070 876 854 923
Energy kWh/litre water evaporated, kWh/l 1.23 1.64 1.17 1.28


Height, mm 2465
Width, mm 1290
Depth, mm 1485

Other Specifications

Sound pressure, level <70
Heat emission, % of installed power max 15