The Product Features

  • One-person operation from feeding wet items to piles of folded sheets – The optimum in ironing
  • 4815mm x 1820mm overall dimensions (IC44832FFS). The most compact of its kind on the market
  • One station automatic feeding with electro-mechanical clamps and standard vacuum table for a smooth and efficient quality feeding
  • Standard touch screen control with text free operating mode for optimum user friendliness
  • Standard multi-layer thermal oil DubixiumTM cylinder guarantees zero overheating of cylinder sides one electric and gas heated versions. This allows up to 20% increase in production compared to traditional cylinders
  • Standard automatic ironing speed control system DIAMMSTM allows optimum productivity by any operator. This unique feature guarantees you with a perfectly dry linen regardless of operator’s skill
  • Maintenance free ceramic gas burner increases reliability whilst minimizing production disruption and gas
    consumption (up to 20%). Unique and patented feature
  • Standard stand-by and sleeping modes for optimum energy savings
  • Spring loaded pressure roll ensures outstanding ironing quality
  • Durable ironing belts in Nomex® withstanding temperatures above 200 ˚C for optimum quality and safety
  • Finger guard protection provides additional safety for operator
  • Versatile stacker for delivery of linen stacks to the front or the rear of the machine
  • Main options
    • Fully integrated air compressor for autonomous operations and faster installation
    • Cancellation of stacker for delivery of folded linen onto a conveyor
    • CMIS connection for traceability according to European Standard EN14065 on RABC quality approach

Key Benefits For IC44832FFS

Tailored to your need
The range comes with a wide selection of options and accessories to ensure that they meet the specific needs of your business, because every laundry is different.

Ironers are designed for safe, user-friendly operation. Linen is fed into the machine at a comfortable working height for the operator.

With our ironers, you will enjoy safe, easy-to-use operation, high energy efficiency, and outstanding ironing results.

Trouble-free operation
Ironers are designed for durability and reliability with almost no maintenance or service requirements.

Specifications For IC44832FFS

Main specification

Capacity*, max. water evaporation**, l/h 59/93/59
Cylinder diameter (el, gas/steam), mm 479/457
Cylinder length, mm 3170
Ironing speed, m/min 1.5-11
Heating electricity, kW 54
Heating steam (900 kPa), kg/h 141
Heating gas, Btu/h (kW) 221800 (65)


Height, mm 1590
Width, mm 4815
Depth, mm 1820

Other Specifications

Sound level, db(A) 65
Heat emission % of installed power, max 3