C-Flex IL Feeder

C-Flex IL Feeder

The Product Features

  • One station automatic feeder for productive feeding of large flatwork on one lane
  • Forward clipping supported by suction box and vacuum table for best ergonomics and productivity
  • Fixed horizontal stretching blade over the full width for optimum quality of feeding
  • Stop and stretch conveyor further improving quality of leading edge
  • Side stretching brushes ensuring best quality of lateral edges
  • Retractable clipping system for manual feeding of small flatwork on vacuum table
  • Foldable trays for ergonomic feeding of small flatwork
  • Neon light curtain over full width for best working conditions
  • Electrolux Master Touch Screen to control the complete ironing lane from the feeder
  • Central lint collecting box for a clean and safe working place
  • Available in 3.000 mm or 3.300 mm for a perfect match with your C-Flex
  • Main options
    • Direct feeding into C-Flex chest for maximum quality and space saving
    • Lane indication by laser beam for ergonomic manual feeding on multi lanes

Specifications For C-Flex IL Feeder


Height, mm 1600
Width, mm 4100
Depth, mm 2000