C-Flex IL Flat

C-Flex IL Flat

The Product Features

  • Single lane large flat folder for perfectly stacked bed linen and other large flatwork
  • By passable on full width for small flatwork not requiring folding
  • Choice of stack & fold or drop stacker allowing the perfect fit always
  • Stacker on left or right hand side, front or back delivery to accommodate all layout configurations
  • Available in 3.000 mm or 3.300 mm for a perfect match with your C-Flex
  • Electrolux touch screen control with intuitive navigation for fast and easy operation
  • Automatic synchronization allowing a single point of speed adjustment for your entire C-Flex lane
  • Main options
    • Combination of multi-lane solutions to process table linen or any other medium and small flatwork
    • Mechanical bypass for smooth delivery of small delicate flatworks
    • 4 lanes small piece collector for productive stacking of napkins and pillowslips
    • Drop stacker positioned within the main folder frame for the most compact folder on the market
    • Double stacker sorting various sizes of flatwork for maximum productivity
    • Antistatic bar for maximum quality on polyester items
    • Adjustable air blast for best quality on all textile thicknesses

Specifications For C-Flex IL Flat


Height, mm 2150
Width, mm 4850
Depth, mm 2300