C-Flex IL Vaccuum Table

image-54-largC-Flex IL vacuum tablee

The Product Features

  • Vacuum feeding table for high quality feeding of small, medium or large flat items
  • Powerful suction box and vacuum table for best ergonomics and productivity
  • Fixed horizontal stretching blade over the full width for optimum quality of feeding
  • Foldable trays for ergonomic feeding of small flatwork
  • Neon light curtain over full width for best working conditions
  • Speed synchronization with the ironer for an easy operation of the ironing line
  • Central lint collecting box for a clean and safe working place
  • Available in 3.000 mm or 3.300 mm for a perfect match with your C-Flex

Specifications For C-Flex IL Vaccuum Table


Height, mm 1590
Width, mm 4030
Depth, mm 1860
Weight, net kg 1000