Towel Folder 1.3

Towel Folder 1.3

The Product Features

  • 3 length folds making a French fold combined with 1 or 2 cross folds or a French cross fold which enables to fold any kind of towel
  • Ergonomics and user-friendly Electrolux control panel for quick and easy program changes
  • Folded items are sorted and dropped on three separate conveyors, and returned to the operator for a perfect ergonomic working situation
  • Maximum item width is 1200 mm and maximum towel length can be up to 1800 mm
  • Fixed speed of 52 m/min for a high production

Specifications For Towel folder 1.3


Height, mm 1320
Width, mm 4510
Depth, mm 2025
Weight, net kg 1200