The Product Features

  • Even distribution of steam moistens the fabric to remove creases
  • Hot air blowing presses and dries the fabric
  • Body form with extending shoulder, shapes and supports the garment
  • Range of sleevers/clamps, improve the finishing
  • Trouser waist expander shapes and supports the garment
  • Microprocessor, stores various programmes
  • Adjustable air blowing baffle, suitable for various fabric types

Key Benefits For FRC3

Trouble free operation
The special design and technical features will guarantee trouble-free operation and excellent finishing results.

Tailored to your needs
Our rotary finishing cabinets provide outstanding finishing quality for a wide range of garments. Use the body form and/or trouser device depending on which combination is best suited for your type of business.

The compact design ensures a minimal amount of floor space to be used.

User friendly
The rotary finishing cabinets are designed for safe and user-friendly operation. The controls are all easily accessed.

Specifications For FRC3


Steam consumption, kg/h 16-20
Steam connection, DN DN 15
Rec. steam pressure, kPa 500-500
Condensate, DN DN 15


Height, mm 2040
Width, mm 1100
Depth, mm 1050
Weight, net kg 205
Weight, crated kg 235