Giant C+ Dryers

Giant-C+ dryers

Maximized Drying Capacity (LG Giant C+ Dryers)

Bigger Drum Capacity with Flexible Installation System
You can maximize drying capacity with LG Giant C+ dryers while you use same space. Thanks to the bigger drum capacity, you can dry more clothes at once. Bigger drying capacity assures better drying performance,less wrinkles and fewer tangles. In addition, AdoptAbleTM Controls enable installation flexibility and stacked dryers. It doubles drying capacity while using the same amount of floor space. The bottom line is that more customers will visit your laundry room!!



Features & Benefit

Better Cloth Caring
Multi Level Temperature Control System enables precise temperature control with variable heat source. It allows you to choose the ideal condition for different fabric needs. The Extra Large Drum can dry bulky items in one load. It provides better drying performance for oversized articles and reduces wrinkles and tangles.

More Stylish
LG commercial laundry system will captivate people with its modern streamlined design. The stainless chrome door and tempered glass will upgrade the weariest of laundry rooms

More Intelligent
AdaptAble™ Controls enable Installation Flexibility so you can determine the best products or combination of products to fit your unique commercial laundry equipment needs with space saving. LG’s unique Dual Lock System for the front panel and coin vault access provides increased security. Nobody can access the coin box without having both the internal and external security keys.


Key Features

  • Capacity
  • Dimensions & Weight
  • System & Control
  • Performance
  • Dry Program
  • Material & Finishes
  • Convenience Features
  • Container Stuffing

Main Specification

Gas Type Electric Type
Drum Volume, cu.ft () 7.1 (201) 7.1 (201)
Diameter, in.(mm) 26.1 (663) 26.1 (663)
Depth, in.(mm) 22.46 (570.6) 22.46 (570.6)
Capacity, kg/lb 10.2/22.5 10.2/22.5
Product (WxHxD), in. (mm) 27 (686) x 38.70 (983) x 30.08 (764) 27 (686) x 38.70 (983) x 30.08 (764)
With Door Opening, in. (mm) 49.8 (1,264) 49.8 (1,264)
Carton (WxHxD), in. (mm) 29.92 (760) x 46.06 (1,170) x 31.30 (795) 29.92 (760) x 46.06 (1,170) x 31.30 (795)
Weight (Product/Carton) 130 (59)/143 (65) 130 (59)/143 (65)