Perc Dry Clean Machine (P430)



  • Fully enclosed system with refrigeration recovery system maximize PERC recovery
  • Programmable computer with self diagnostics, 6 automatic maintenance programs and up to 24 cleaning programs
  • Three automatic self-cleaning tanks
  • Two convertible ecological powder-less disc filters
  • One double all-carbon filter
  • Secondary carbon absorber system
  • Button trap drying
  • Automatic still waste removal system
  • Still overfill preventer
  • Double water separator
  • Automatic still on/off
  • Floor Safe safety trough
  • Electronic drying controller to monitor solvent recovery
  • Thermostatic controlled cooling water valve


MS45 MS60 MS80
Rated Capacity 21kg 27kg 36kg
Basket Volume 408L 505L 640L
Basket Diameter x Depth 1000mm x 535mm 1000mm x 665mm 1180mm x 585mm
Door Opening Diameter 500mm 500mm 500mm
Tank Volume 1 / 2 / 3 212L / 270L / 147L 238L / 303L / 165L 290L / 290L / 270L
Distillation Per Hour 152.7L 152.7L 152.7L
Height 2400mm 2400mm 2600mm
Width 2201mm 2201mm 2575mm
Depth 1795mm 1925mm 1800mm
Net Weight 2550kg 2600kg 3160kg
Water Inlet DN20 DN20 DN20
Water out DN15 DN15 DN15
Steam In DN15 DN15 DN15
Steam Out DN15 DN15 DN15
Compressed Air 8mm 8mm 8mm