Pass-Thru Dryer (GPD-100/125/150P)

pass-thru-dryer-large 100,125,150


  • Pass-thru design with loading and unloading door
  • High efficient axial flow design for speed drying
  • Stainless steel basket with roller support system
  • Frequency inverter drive basket
  • Large basket volume ratio above industry standard
  • Programmable touch screen control with PLC
  • Two stainless steel steam heaters
  • Air inlet heat recovery system
  • Air flow auto unloading system
  • Extendable base to any height required
  • Optional exhaust heat recovery duct, condensate drain heater, unloading tilt
  • Connectivity to tunnel washer system


Rated Capacity (Ratio 1kg:25L) 100kg 125kg 150kg
Rated Capacity (Ratio 1kg:20L) 126kg 156kg 192kg
Basket Volume 2518L 3137L 3858L
Basket Diameter 1450mm 1450mm 1700mm
Basket Depth 1525mm 1900mm 1700mm
Drive Motor 3kw 3kw 4kw
Fan Motor 7.7kw 15kw 15kw
Air Flow Rate 10000m³/h 15000m³/h 15000m³/h
Loading Door Size 1100mm x 650mm 1100mm x 650mm 1100mm x 650mm
Steam Inlet DN25 DN25 DN25
Steam Condensate Outlet(with Drain Heater Option) DN25 / (DN15) DN25 / (DN15) DN25 / (DN15)
Compressed Air Connection 8mm 8mm 8mm
Exhaust air duct 365mm x 320mm 500mm x 500mm 500mm x 500mm
Steam Consumption* 180kg/hr 225kg/hr 270kg/hr
Electric Consumption* 10KWh 14KWh 14.75KWh
Compressed Air Consumption* 10L/hr 10L/hr 10L/hr
Height (Extendable by higher base) 3100mm 3165mm 3300mm
Width 2350mm 2400mm 2600mm
Depth (Unloading door opened) 2450mm 2850mm 2750mm
Net weight 2400kg 2800kg 3200kg