Electrolux Professional Laundry


Excellent laundry – part and parcel of excellent hospitality. When it comes to looking after guests, only the best will do. With an In-house Laundry, you benefit from 100% control in terms of quality and cost. In fact, in many cases, running your own laundry actually costs less than an external laundry. Electrolux Professional offers global leadership, expertise in hospitality and the best package for hotels, restaurants and catering companies. Choose from either a Full In-house Laundry, Terry Towel Concept or Lagoon® Guest Laundry.

Benefits of the Electrolux Professional Hospitality Laundry Solution:

  • Rapid return on investment based on low running costs and lowest costs per wash significant savings throughout the entire process – water, energy, detergent and time
  • Small footprints – the smallest on the market (other machine footprints are about 40% bigger)
  • Better wash results (gentle process) – the linen lasts longer
  • Excellence inside: intelligent features, special programs and environmentally- friendly processes
  • Superior Guest Laundry: space-saving terry towel solutions and Lagoon®, the first and only Wet-cleaning system to be approved by The Woolmark® Company

For complete, germ-free hygiene – without compromising hospitals and clinics strict hygiene regulations of handling and cleaning of linen, laundry, towels and staff clothing. This requires in-depth experience and special laundry solutions to guarantee safe, germ-free laundry and thereby protect patients. Electrolux Professional is the leading expert in the field of hygienic laundry solutions that ensure bacteria- and bug-free linen: Professional laundry solutions that meet even all the strict requirements of sanitary insulation. It is also the global leader in barrier laundry solutions with more than 500 installations every year. Its intelligent features, such as the unique Certus Management™ Information System for maximum control and traceability in all laundry processes. Improved efficiency and productivity, thanks to more wash loads per day. Service Excellence: The world’s most extensive network for installation, spare parts and maintenance.
Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry Excellence is central to everything we do. By anticipating our customers’ needs, we strive for quality with our people, innovations, solutions and services, thus making our customers’ work and life easier and more profitable.

Lagoon Advance Care (Alternative to dry clean)
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Wet-cleaning Excellence – the greener, more effective alternative to Perc and dry-cleaning. More and more customers are asking about eco-friendly solutions, and more fabrics are becoming suitable for Wet-cleaning. The time is right to start looking more closely at safer cleaning methods and greener alternatives. Wet-cleaning is now an amazingly effective option for the professional cleaning of all kinds of fabrics and textiles. With Electrolux Professional’s eco-friendly solutions, you will be less dependent on harsh chemicals, and more effective and efficient at delivering superior cleaning results.

  • Revitalize your business with Wet-cleaning Excellence from Electrolux Professional: The ideal complement to your existing dry-cleaning
  • Easy to install The perfect complement to existing installations, with a selection of solutions: Access, Advanced and Superior (Lagoon®)
  • Welcome new business opportunity: Lagoon® is the first and only Wet-cleaning system to be approved by The Woolmark®
  • Company Excellence inside: intelligent features and special programs Better results on PVC-lined garments and finer fabrics with sequins Option of wet-cleaning leather and suede with special detergents
  • Service Excellence: the world’s most extensive service network of skilled, authorized partners for everyday support – installation, spare parts and maintenance

Improve your profit through total laundry control you wouldn’t dream of handing over a valuable business asset to stranger. And you certainly wouldn’t willingly pay for parting with it. But that’s what you do every time you outsource your businesses laundry. The fact is that outsourcing is not the answer to your laundry needs. It is instead a costly short-term fix that takes control out of your hands. The only long-term answer is your own In-House Laundry. When you choose Electrolux Laundry Systems you get an essential resource, a partner that is committed to providing support throughout every phase of your laundry operation. Types of Industry:

  • Dairy farms
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Textile Industry
Facility Management

Microfiber Excellence: we care for your textiles to make it last longer. Shorter, quicker process that can reduce the operating, energy and detergent costs. Combined with excellent cleaning results, not to mention a clean sheet in terms of hygiene standards. Electrolux Professional facilitates enhanced business performance – on all fronts. With 30% shorter drying cycles and 30% higher drying volumes; it reduces up to 60% in electricity use.

  • Excellence inside: intelligent features and special programs for microfiber mops and cloths.
  • Less maintenance and cleaning – no build-up of fluff and blocked pipes Saves costs and effort thanks to user-friendly Compass Control® program package
  • Saves time and money, optimizes hygiene by treating mops with cleaning fluids and disinfectant during final rinsing
  • Enhanced flexibility thanks to special pre-programmed washing programs for “normal” or “hygiene” washes
  • Service Excellence thanks to the world’s most extensive service network
Spa and Beauty Salons

Wonder where all those towels go? They are often carried to the owners’ household washer, or washed in a laundry nearby. If that feels like back-breaking work, Electrolux Professional has an alternative for you, with a small In-House Laundry solution even a small salon has the possibility of fast, simple and economical washing of towels. When you opt for an In-House Laundry you get immediate and total control in the following areas:

  • Reduced overheads
  • Reduced linen inventory, i.e. reduced costs
  • Longer linen life
  • Availability and control of stock
  • Increased flexibility – laundry on demand
  • Careful treatment by own personnel
Sports Clubs

The fitness program for terry towels, sports textiles and more. Save time and money by using In-house Laundry, not just superior in terms of convenience and efficiency, they’re actually more profitable, reliable and sustainable. Electrolux Professional solutions offer a variety of intelligent features with plenty of in-built extras. They’re straightforward to use and can easily be managed by staff without distracting them from their other tasks. Our experience and global leadership in laundry solutions keeps gyms and sports clubs clean and ready for action.

  • Superior quality and highest flexibility versus outsourced laundry Professional solutions made to last more than 30,000 cycles for rapid returns on investment.
  • Excellence inside: intelligent features and special programs for gyms and sports clubs – such as terry towel programs for permanent use and special programs for professional handling of sports textiles
  • Enhances your business by providing service packages for your customers (such as member- ship + towels + washing of sports gear)
Residential Homes

For improved hygiene and cleaning quality. 100% hygiene control is of paramount importance in elderly care facilities. Bedlinen, towels, serviettes and clothing require special cleaning solutions that eradicate the risk of infection and cross-contamination. Electrolux Professional makes infection control easy and affordable for residential homes: Global leader in hygiene laundry solutions, with more than 500 barrier washer installations every year. Made-to-measure hygiene laundry solutions for your individual needs Intelligent features, such as the unique Certus Management™ Information System to ensure maximum control and traceability in all laundry processes. Full compliance with the strictest hygiene standards Improved efficiency and productivity thanks to more wash loads per day The best results when it comes to cleaning residents’ delicate clothing – thanks to : LAGOON®, the first and only Wet-cleaning system to be approved by The Woolmark® Company. Service Excellence: The world’s most extensive network for installation, spare parts and maintenance
Fire Department

Using the right laundry equipment can actually help save lives. Look after your Nomex® fire garments and other coatings with an In-house Laundry. The washing programs used in Electrolux Professional systems ensure that cleaning has no negative impact on the fire-retardant qualities of Nomex® and other coatings – without compromising on cleaning performance. As part of the cleaning process, your garments can also be impregnated. Rely on the experience of a global player and leading partner: Excellence inside: intelligent features and special programs for fire brigades The Electrolux Professional Laundry Solution impregnates protective garments as part of the overall cleaning process. Restores full protection and comfort to fire garments after every wash. Saves water, energy and time – impregnation fluids and water can be used several times.