LG Commercial Washers and Dryers

When you choose LG commercial Laundry system, you get total laundry solution including most suitable equipment and full support for your business. Find detailed information on various business solutions we support.

Self Service Laundry

Coin Operation Laundry

LG’s specially designed Inverter Direct Drive System will enable greater profits for your business by saving you money in utility bills. Our unique system uses less water and less electricity while maintaining an outstanding washing performance. Not only will our machine save you money, it will also protect it! The enhanced security system holds coins safely lowering the risk of theft. There are endless possibilities with an LG Professional Laundry System, all of which will benefit you, your customers and your business. Our flexible program allows price changes for special promotion days, a variety of mix-and-match cycles, and an easy to use system. Do you want to make your Laundromat stand out? The extraordinary design and style of the LG laundry system will lighten up and modernise any store making it an enjoyable place for customers to do their laundry.



Bright white fluffy towels make any guest feel special. Fresh, clean bed linen that feels like new is important for a comfortable nights sleep. It’s unrealistic to buy new towels and linen for each guest, but with the LG professional laundry system it’s possible to have that feeling. LG uses innovative features that provide an ultimate washing performance time will last longer. Less water and energy is used during the wash, leading to cheaper utility bills.


Restaurants and Cafes

It is important to have crisp clean tablecloths and hygienic clean towels and aprons in any restaurant or cafe. The turnover of these items is fast and it’s necessary to be able to wash them quickly and effectively. LG’s professional laundry system can handle large wash loads that can be washed and dried in record time; these features differentiate the professional system from the household system.



Cleanliness and hygiene are vital within the health care industry. To prevent contamination and the spread of germs it is crucial that laundry and linen are treated in an appropriate manner. LG’s professional laundry system provides various temperature options that break down dirt and matter providing effective and efficient wash. The extremely high 90 C wash skills kills harmful germs and bacteria resulting in a deeper clean and more hygienic result.


Health Clubs

People are becoming more and more aware of their health. This is resulting in an increase of people joining health and fitness centres. Provide all of your customers with clean fresh towels that are hygienic and environmentally friendly. The LG Professional Laundry System offers a great washing performance while using less water and energy, saving both money and the environment.


Beauty Salons

Hair and beauty salons go through towels like they are going out of fashion! It is important that you have a washing machine that is fast, reliable and most importantly effective. LG professional laundry systems offer short washing and drying cycles that effectively remove stubborn stains and quickly dry your items. Our washers and dryers are stackable, perfect for utilising limited space.



Your spa clients leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, but that’s not the same for your towels! Spa bathrobes and towels face a number of lotions and potions throughout the day and it’s hard to get that deep clean feel. The professional laundry system from LG offers effective washing and drying while maintaining low operation costs. Now your towels can be as pampered and refreshed as your clients.


Retirement Homes

Senior citizens deserve to be in a comfortable, clean and safe environment. The LG professional laundry system offers innovative features that will keep clothes, linens and towels in great condition while removing tough dirt and stains. If you are in need of a cycle that will kill germs you can trust that our high temperatures will offer a cleaner and more hygienic wash.

Multi Housing


As a landlord or a property manager, if you want to provide your residents with an environmentally friendly and cost saving solution, we would like to suggest the LG Professional laundry system. With a water circulation system and other innovative features, LG’s professional laundry system is energy star qualified. Our machines for laundry facilities will save you a significant amount of energy and water and provide residents with the best laundry performance. Make your property more attractive to residents.

Military Camp

If you are looking for a laundry system that can combat though stains and dirt, then the LG professional laundry system is the one for you. The large drum provides enough space to wash heavy loads while providing the ultimate wash and cleaning performance.



Children are susceptible to all types of illnesses so a clean safe environment is a must. By keeping blankets, clothing and all fabric free from germs and bacteria the risk of infection is reduced. LG’s professional laundry system can reach high temperatures that will remove these germs. The large drum meets the demand of heavy loads while removing tough stains and dirt.