Electrolux Professional Laundry

Hospitality Download Brochure Download Range Catalog Download Company Profile Excellent laundry – part and parcel of excellent hospitality. When it comes to looking after guests, only the best will do. With an In-house Laundry, you benefit from 100% control in terms of quality and cost. In fact, in many cases, running your own laundry actually[…]

LG Commercial Washers and Dryers

When you choose LG commercial Laundry system, you get total laundry solution including most suitable equipment and full support for your business. Find detailed information on various business solutions we support. Self Service Laundry Coin Operation Laundry LG’s specially designed Inverter Direct Drive System will enable greater profits for your business by saving you money[…]

Sailstar Green System

Background The integrated laundry system has been used in many developed countries like America, Europe and Japan for decades, starting from connecting one washer to one dryer by simple shutter conveyor to reduce unloading time, developed to an automated system with multiple washers and dryers utilizing overhead bag system or conveyors for loading, unloading or[…]